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Have you ever thought of adding value to your degree thesis by formulating hypotheses? This is an experimental technique for writing your paper: it’s interesting, it can make a difference, and even if it takes a little longer than usual, it’s worth it. How to formulate a hypothesis and validate it?

Follow us carefully…

The hypotheses in a degree thesis (three-year or master’s degree makes no difference) can be a real secret weapon for the perfect construction of your paper.

Why is a thesis hypothesis important?

Because they can give more order to the thesis and replace the sub-questions. 

Let’s start from the beginning…

The hypotheses are the initial conditions on which we want to reason, they are purely arbitrary and have no reason to be proved. The thesis is the consequence of the hypotheses, in a theorem every time the initial conditions described in the hypotheses occur then the thesis also occurs.

Starting from this assumption, it is clear that this is a useful preliminary study that aims to simplify your life and go straight to the goal!

And then…

  • Choose a specific topic for your degree thesis, so it will be easier to understand questions and, therefore, hypotheses to be evaluated.
  • Let us always be supported by our supervisor. We will need it to optimize times and avoid getting confused.
  • Take the time to research online – you’ll find numerous articles and studies that can direct you to a well-defined topic. If you want to rely on certified documents, use ” Google Scholar “
  • Another useful way is to organize preliminary interviews
  • Always remember to plan everything: try to hypothesize the timing of writing the thesis, especially now that you are working on hypotheses.

Important tips for your thesis hypothesis

  • Always remember to conduct preliminary researchso as to poke around any doubts at the beginning. Always focus on the theoretical information you used for the introduction and for the paper problem.
  • Don’t get confused and remember that the main question of your dissertation must not be and never will be the hypothesis. It is important not to get confused: therefore, remember that the hypotheses, at most, can take the place of the sub-questions.
  • Always formulate your hypotheses and choose the ones that stand best and that really serve for the realization of your degree thesis.
  • To make it easier for you, always create a conceptual framework and use it as a starting point for your research. By doing this you will always be able to have a ready and updated picture of your results.

The hypotheses, once formulated, must be tested. Only in this way will you be able to understand if they are right for you, if they are correct and if they are really useful to you. Who will confirm it? Your speaker! If the hypotheses are correct, they will find consent starting from him.


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