Smart working, remote work, remote work, online jobs. How many times have you heard of these new opportunities but have never had the opportunity to deepen the discussion? This article is made especially for you. You will discover how you can work from the comfort of your home, or in your favorite location or even work while traveling. It is not a dream; you just need a good connection and a good computer to guarantee your professionalism. Here are the online jobs for students also in lockdown:


Online course teacher

If you feel strong and prepared on a subject, if that foreign language is your passion, if you have complete mastery of your hobby, I will let you know: you have found a job!

There are many online platforms, training schools and specialized sites that are looking for professionals or enthusiasts ready to get involved and ensure competence and quality at the service of the public.

What do you need? To be credible and show confidence to your students. Prepare your lessons first, create a work schedule and interact a lot with your students: make sure you guarantee continuity and time availability. It will be fun, after years of learning, to be “on the other side of the fence”.


Radio speaker

Did you know that there are several radio broadcasters looking for online speakers for home directories?

Creating a radio station is very easy: you need, in addition to the computer and the fast connection, a microphone (preferably condenser), a small mixer and, above all, software to broadcast your interviews: the most frequent programs are Speaker or Dj if you need to make video interviews then go for Streamyard. In addition to the technical component, a strong communicative gift is required, fluid and fluent voice and a lot of empathy.

Online Blogger

Having a blog is not a hobby but a refined and beautiful job. Indeed, if you know how to do it and have a minimum of competence in sharing and distributing your product on the Net (especially through social media), get ready, because your “online job” could become a full-fledged job. But be careful, it’s not easy!

It takes a lot of perseverance and a lot of self-denial. At first, avoid fancy flights and start with some collaboration, maybe follow a little tutorial and evaluate if you really like being a blogger.

You will be able to range on various topics. They include:

  • Travel,
  • Holidays
  • Fashion
  • Trends
  • Sport
  • Shopping
  • Diet
  • Fitness

Not bad right?



Can you speak and write English, Spanish, French, German or Italian? And if you can also speak Arabic, Chinese or Japanese then you have a golden dowry and you don’t know it! Languages ​​have always been the biggest obstacle to communicating: having an excellent command of at least one foreign language can make a difference. There are numerous platforms that are constantly looking for online translators with not bad pay! It would be a shame not to exploit this enormous potential you have.  

Online Influencer

It does not differ much from the logic of the blogger but, that of the influencer is not a simple online job. Today many things have changed, companies are constantly looking for valid influencers. But like all beautiful things, here too you need a lot of apprenticeship and competence to live on this. It is not easy but it costs nothing to try if you are prepared to do it. On the Net you will find many sites on the hunt for opinion leaders: initially it will be tough but if you like it then the fun is guaranteed.

Call center and customer assistance

Remember the rooms crowded with chairs, telephones, computers and headphones? They still exist, but several companies are considering a new frontier for customer assistance: remote work with a significant reduction in costs and better working quality of the employee. However, it is a “tough” job but, if you have the predisposition, it can be a good solution to raise a respectable salary.

Freelance journalist

The new frontier of journalism is here: nowadays only a few lucky ones still live on editorial and notebooks. This profession has totally changed and the “freelancers” collaborating for various newspapers ranging from topic to topic while still guaranteeing the utmost professionalism. To do this you need a minimum of writing technique, speed, attitude and “flair” for the news. A great opportunity for students who like to write jobs and are interested in or who know a particular field well. What do you say?

Social media manager

Social Media Manager: Are you particularly good with social media and do you know how to attract people and followers? There you are, you are in the right place. Today knowing how to use Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Twitter professionally is a job in all respects. There are schools that teach this profession so it cannot be improvised also because the competition has become fierce over time. So you will need to have specific skills: designing consistent editorial plans, creating and optimizing payment campaigns, managing and moderating the community. Do you feel it? Job offers abound, all that remains is to throw yourself into the fray and get noticed!

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