Drawing from learning in the course, identify:

Drawing from learning in the course, identify:

(1) a grand challenge problem affecting a business and,

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Drawing from learning in the course, identify:
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(2) formulate a problem statement

  • Using the frameworks and methods taught in the relevant modules.
  • Submit as a word document.
  • Include a minimum of 6 references – at least half of them from academic/ business sources, such as peer-reviewed/ academic journal articles and credible publications like government, business or industry (e.g. Statista, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, Forbs, The Economist etc – AVOID: unsubstantiated sources that are not credible or reliable like Wikipedia and blogs.
  • In-text references and a reference list are required using APA 7 style
  • Formatting: Arial/Times New Roman, font size 11 or 12, 1.5 spacing, insert page numbers, and headings are required.
  • A2 is linked to A2 – identify a problem in this assessment and create the solution in the next assessment. This is about identifying a grand challenge problem that impacts a particular business. You have to form a clear statement which must be addressed later in A3. How the grand challenge impacts the business you select?



Title Page


  2. ANALYSIS*diagram *2 paragraphs
  3. 5W AND 1H



Title page:Title, course code, name, S-number, Word count.

Your writing must be organised (structured) in approx. 5-6 paragraphs*:



Introduce what is thepurposeof your assignment andwhat will be covered andprovide an overview of yourselected business and itslocation, identifying thegrand challengeyou will be focusing on.



Here you are analysing the context for the grand challenge problem that you have identified. You need to apply the context from the perspective ofhow your chosen business is impacted by this grand challenge/ wicked problem.


  • Construct a SWOT or PESTLE diagram (include all factors -at least two dot points for each factor) for your selected business and label it Figure 1 (this figure must be original and done by you, you cannot copy from the internet sources)
    • Words in Figure 1 will be counted in the word limit
    • In-text references in the figure are not required.
  • From your SWOT or PESTLE, selecttwo factorsonly to explain in more detail.
    • These factors need to refer to your grand challenge/ wicked problem.
    • Factors are S, W, O, T – or, If using PESTLE – P, E, S, T, L, E.


  1. 5Ws & 1H

Identify the 5Ws and 1H (what, why, where, who, when and how) to create your problem statement (DOT POINTS)


  • WHAT is the problem? In one or two sentences, identify the problem you are trying to solve.


  • WHY is it a problem? Describe the ‘pain’ associated with the problem. What is the effect of the problem? What are the undesirable or harmful outcome(s) of the problem?
  • WHERE do you observe it?
  • WHO does this affect? Identify all the people who are affected by the problem.
  • WHEN did we first observe the problem? When were you first aware there was a problem? Is it a recent occurrence or has it been around longer? When did it start?


  • HOW often do we observe the problem? What is the error rate or magnitude of the problem?




Write your problem statement based on the information presented and your 5Ws and 1H (i.e., your problem statement must contain keywords from your 5Ws and 1H analysis).

  • Note:your problem statementSHOULD NOTbe more than the one paragraph in the length. CLARITY IS KEY. Your job is to make it easy for the marker to award marks to you based on the marking rubric.

You should state clearly the three key components in your problem statement:

(1) What is the present state?

(2) What is the gap? (The problem facing your selected business that is caused by the grand challenge)

(3) What is the Future State? (The future state that your selected business hopes to achieve when the Gap is resolved).



Conclude by reinforcing the key points from your problem identification.


A2 Tips

  • Brief introduction to the company and relevant context that will frame the grand challenge problem identification. E.g., What/who is the company? What they do? Where are they located? What is thecontextsurrounding their operations?

Note: Students need to pick areal company, excluding what was covered in the workshop.

  • Clear informativeSWOT or PESTLE, and well supported analysis of 2 factors.
  • Clear grand challenge definition in relation to the information provided.The problem statement needs to include the 5Ws and 1H.
  • Arguments need to be supported by research and referencing(APA 7 style) to acknowledge where the information is coming from.
  • End your A2 with astrong conclusion. The conclusion section is where you reinforce the key point you seek to communicate in A2 and convince the marker that you have addressed ALL requirements of A2.




In APA7 style.


Formatting:Arial / Times New Roman, font size 11 or 12, 1.5 spacing, insert page numbers, headings are required.


You should usethird personand a formal tone in your writing.

Your assignment needs to be supported by references – you must cite the sources you used to support your statements/ analysis.

*Remember that paragraphs should have 3 to 5 full sentences that are coherent with a clear start and end.

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