childhood obesity paper

Childhood Obesity Paper Writing

Childhood Obesity Paper Writing

Let’s say you’re studying English, Sociology, Health Sciences, Biology, or another science course. There is a good chance that you will be asked to write an essay, term paper, or research paper on childhood obesity.

The topic of childhood obesity is not only a global, local, and national social problem but also a common topic for high school assignments, college, or university.

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You must choose a topic that is interesting and manageable to create a clear, concise, and focused thesis for your essay or research paper. When writing research papers or essays, it is important to choose a topic that you love. It will reduce your chances of getting poor grades by 90% if you get it right from the start.

This guide contains a list of over 100 topics related to childhood obesity that you can use in your research papers. These topics can be used for research papers on obesity. These topics can be used for essays and term papers.

These are topics that you choose to write a long paper on when you start looking for content. We have included some tips and tricks to help with writing a great paper on childhood obesity that will get you the highest grades.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Steps to writing a Childhood Obesity Paper

These are just a few of the many resources we offer. We have an complete writer’s guide as well an essay author’s guide for those who want to learn more about the writing process.

  1. Select a good topic. Avoid being too broad or too narrow. You should be able to answer the prompt in an essay or research paper without having to struggle to find content.
  2. Create your tentative thesis statement. A tentative thesis statement is your first one that you will refine as the paper is edited.
  3. Create an outline: An outline allows you to visualize the whole writing process. This reduces time by 99 percent. With outlines, students can write papers by the deadlines.
  4. Research and organize your research. Search online for relevant and credible journal articles, websites and other scholarly resources with data about childhood obesity. Websites such as
    • The CDC
    • BioMed Central
    • Google Scholar
    • World Health Organization
    • Mayo Clinic
    • National Center for Biotechnology Information
  1. Create the first draft. Write the body paragraphs for your essay or research paper. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting information, examples, a link to the thesis, and transition to next paragraphs. Learn more How to create body paragraphs while writing.
  2. Take a break You need to take a break in order to recharge and keep your mind open to new ideas. You can recharge your brain and get ready to edit the paper.
  3. Proofread and edit the paper. Check grammar and spelling, as well as assessing the level of plagiarism.
  4. Send the paper by the deadline. The paper must be submitted before or on the deadline for marking. You must submit your paper in the correct format (e.g. PDF, Word Document or PPT).

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How to write a perfect introduction for your Childhood Obesity

Recently, a professor from our group exclaimed that he knew the grade a student would get in the first few minutes of reading the paper. He said that the introduction is the key to unlocking the secret.

The introduction is the most important paragraph in your entire paper on childhood obesity. Your introduction orients the reader to your knowledge of the topic and your academic writing skills. This also demonstrates your professionalism in writing error-free papers that provide knowledge to a specific audience.

Introductions can be difficult to write. Many students spend so much time researching or staring at the screen that they don’t write one word. You might try to write it last. Remember to include the following information in your introduction paragraph:

  • You can grab attention and interest your readers by writing an opening sentence. This is a hook or grabber that shows the relevance of the topic.
  • Give the background and context to the reader. You can, for example, explain the history of childhood obesity and how it is perceived in society.
  • Paraphrasing and rephrasing the essay topic will help you to expand it.
  • Your central position or argument
  • Create a compelling thesis statement and outline your essay.

How to write a great thesis statement about childhood obesity

The thesis statement is the central idea of your entire work, no matter if it’s a thesis or research paper. Writing a strong thesis is a key success factor for any academic task. It is essential to do it correctly.

Imagine that you have planned your essays and research papers in advance. You will then have a tentative thesis which you can adjust when you write or edit the paper.

A good thesis statement for a paper on childhood obesity should be able to articulate your views, the goals of your audience, and your understanding of the problem.

A good thesis statement might be, for example, about childhood obesity and economic consequences.

While adult obesity has been the focus of much attention, the costs of managing and treating obesity in children and their related chronic diseases is much more difficult to ignore.”

These are some other examples of thesis statements for research papers on childhood obesity:

  • Obesity is a problem that has serious social, economic, and physical consequences. American society can still be successful if it is addressed.
  • The rising incidence of childhood obesity can be attributed to unhealthy diet planning and surfeit eating.
  • Obese children are more likely to have low self-esteem, bullying, stigmatization and anorexia. This is a pressing social problem that must be addressed.
  • Marketing companies need to be more ethical in advertising fast food to children, as this has an effect on childhood obesity rates.
  • The rapid pace of development, poor non-motorized transport planning, poor accessibility to fresh farm produce, lack of physical exercise and poor access to food, all contribute to the rising rates of obesity. If the government doesn’t act, this will only make matters worse.
  • Obesity is a serious problem that can lead to sudden death, cancer, heart disease, joint problems, development deficiencies, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Continue reading to learn more about the parts an introduction paragraph that matters

How to End a Childhood Obesity Paper

You must close the loop in order to write a reasonable conclusion. This is done by returning to the statement you made in your introduction paragraph. Also, you must:

  • Show your final position
  • Clarify the relevance of the final position to the topic
  • Describe who should be responsible for the findings of this paper
  • Explain the implications of not following the recommendations, or why this topic is important.

Examples of statements that can be used in addition to in conclusion/in summary/, to sum it up

  • It is as it appears in the discussion ….
  • It’s possible to argue that…
  • The above analysis reveals that…
  • The above arguments were evaluated…
  • Consider the arguments above…
  • These are the findings or information that were provided above.
  • Based on the evidence ….
  • It would be best to follow these steps.
  • It appears that…
  • It is likely that …. will be the case.

Hedging statements can soften your claims and allow your readers to reach finality. Reiterate the evidence, examples, and findings as you end. The topic should be addressed by policymakers, school leaders, healthcare professionals, society, and other stakeholders.

This could be the end: The rising rates of childhood obesity highlighted in this paper highlight the devastating consequences of childhood obesity. The political class, doctors, and society members need to adopt the strategies above to reduce rising cases, restore society’s health, and ensure the future.

Research Topics on Childhood Obesity for Essays and College Research Papers

  1. An epidemiological study of childhood obesity in America
  2. Comparison of China and America’s childhood obesity
  3. Strategies to combat childhood obesity at the local level
  4. In tackling childhood obesity, nutritionists and dietitians play a key role
  5. Does genetics cause childhood obesity?
  6. Factors that influence childhood obesity in the social health
  7. How childhood obesity affects children of different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds in the U.S.
  8. American society has a high rate of childhood obesity
  9. Social factors that influence the development of childhood obesity
  10. Childhood obesity: Causes and consequences
  11. Stigmatization of obese children
  12. Are obese children born to parents with obesity?
  13. How does the food industry encourage childhood obesity?
  14. Are children who commute by bike or foot to school obese?
  15. Corn syrup’s influence on childhood obesity
  16. Anorexia and childhood obesity: The connection
  17. Childhood obesity is a political issue in America
  18. Guidelines for dealing with obese children
  19. In a particular state, measures to reduce childhood obesity
  20. Children who are homeless become obese during childhood
  21. The connection between childhood obesity, and other chronic diseases
  22. Youth self-esteem and childhood obesity
  23. Nurses’ role in health promotion to prevent childhood obese
  24. Models for health promotion to combat childhood obesity
  25. The connection between childhood obesity, and digestive diseases
  26. Are sugar and childhood obesity linked?
  27. Childhood obesity has a negative impact on society
  28. Psychological consequences of childhood obesity
  29. Understanding and explaining childhood obesity through psychological lenses
  30. Statistics on obesity show racial disparities. What can statistics tell us about obesity?
  31. Is childhood obesity related to the economic status of the parents?
  32. Is childhood obesity rampant at what stage of development?
  33. Discuss: Obese children shouldn’t be discriminated against
  34. Why are immigrant children more likely to be obese?
  35. Why America’s obesity rates will continue to rise
  36. Post-Covid-19 pandemic, the rates of childhood obesity
  37. Childhood obesity: The impact of lifestyle and behavior
  38. Obesity among youths is a concern for public health
  39. Children’s obesity can be addressed with nutrition counseling
  40. Is it possible to prevent obesity by exclusively breastfeeding children?
  41. Discuss: Junk food companies should not target children with their advertisements.
  42. Telehealth and teleconferencing are used to counsel rural children suffering from obesity.
  43. Comparison of the rates of childhood obesity in rural and urban populations
  44. Electronic Health Records and the impact on screening and diagnosing obesity in children
  45. How childhood obesity impacts parents
  46. Obese children may feel the effects of reducing isocaloric fructose
  47. Children with obesity should have gastric bypass surgery.
  48. How effective is weight management in reducing obesity in children?
  49. Are binge-watching or lack of exercise a factor in obesity?
  50. The relationship between obesity and domestic violence in children
  51. Childhood obesity is a result of child abuse and neglect
  52. Why childhood obesity is a problem in developed countries
  53. Type II diabetes mellitus in childhood obesity among children
  54. The role of society and parents in managing childhood obesity
  55. The government should be focusing on reducing childhood obesity rates
  56. What does the American Society’s future look like if it has a high rate of childhood obesity?
  57. The impact of childhood obesity on life expectancy for children and adults
  58. Is there a higher risk for obesity in female children than in male children?
  59. Can vegetable diets prevent childhood obesity?
  60. Are global concerns about childhood obesity a concern?
  61. Is it possible to prevent and manage obesity in childhood by using guidelines for children?
  62. Is childhood obesity a risk factor for mental illness?
  63. Is an obese mother able to pass on obesity to her child while she is pregnant?
  64. Is obesity genetically or hereditary
  65. Is obesity more likely in children who are raised by single parents?
  66. Exercise is a strategy for managing and preventing childhood obesity
  67. Effects of childhood obesity upon academic performance in school-going children
  68. Children who homeschool are more likely to be obese than those who attend public schools.
  69. Who is responsible for children’s obesity?
  70. How effective is body weight as a measure of obesity?
  71. Is it possible to measure childhood obesity using the waist measurement method, instead of BMI?
  72. Family genetics and overweight children
  73. What can a child’s environment do to make them obese?
  74. Is excess weight among children due to calory intake?
  75. Are children obese because of their mental or physical health?
  76. Should sodas and junk food be outlawed in schools’ cafeterias?
  77. What are the steps to prevent children from becoming obese?
  78. Economic implications of childhood obesity
  79. Overweight vs. childhood obesity
  80. Is strict legislation possible to reduce the child obesity rate?
  81. Are obese children prone to depression?
  82. How bullying can affect obese children
  83. Management and treatment strategies for childhood obesity
  84. To prevent children from becoming obese, fast food restaurants should establish age limits
  85. How physical activity can help a child avoid obesity
  86. How to prevent childhood obesity by planning meals
  87. Are obese children forced to eat calorie-counting meals?
  88. Children should be able to eat gluten-free meals.
  89. Too many fruits can lead to obesity in children
  90. Are school vending machines allowed to sell only healthy snacks or beverages?
  91. Discuss: Obese children are more likely to need healthcare than healthy ones.
  92. Safest strategies and methods for weight loss in children
  93. Is intermittent fasting possible to prevent obesity in young children?
  94. Are obese children allowed to eat vegetarian food?
  95. Is it possible for children to be obese based on the food they eat?
  96. T.V. Can T.V. programs positively influence obese kids to lose weight?
  97. Analyse of how “The Biggest Loser,” can influence the lifestyles of obese children
  98. America’s childhood obesity picture
  99. Factors that increase the likelihood of childhood obesity
  100. Childhood obesity is a complicated disease
  101. Childhood obesity and unhealthy diet
  102. Childhood obesity is a multifactorial disease
  103. Childhood obesity has long-term consequences
  104. Is America’s epidemic of childhood obesity really a crisis?
  105. Adolescence and childhood obesity
  106. The epidemic of childhood obesity in the USA
  107. Opportunities and challenges in preventing childhood obesity
  108. It is important to address childhood obesity
  109. Consumer manipulation and childhood obesity
  110. Media’s role in fighting childhood obesity
  111. India’s childhood obesity
  112. New Zealand’s nutritional problem of childhood obesity is New Zealand
  113. High cholesterol in obese children: What impact?
  114. The connection between childhood obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  115. Schools and media play a key role in the prevention of childhood obesity
  116. Asthma and childhood obesity
  117. Sleep apnea is caused by childhood obesity
  118. As a strategy to combat childhood obesity, affordable healthy food options are essential.
  119. How to cook at home to prevent childhood obesity


We are confident that you have chosen a topic related to childhood obesity, created a thesis and written an outline. Follow the academic writing guidelines as you plan and create your essay, term paper, or research paper. Your paper should be formatted in the appropriate formatting style, such as Harvard, MLA or APA.

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We wish you the best with your papers. The problem of childhood obesity is a serious social problem that requires solutions. It will be much easier to develop ideas for your topic or paper with all the research available.