Assessment 1 (20%): © Annotated Bibliography

Assessment 1 (20%): ©
Annotated Bibliography
Assessment 1 aims at giving students the
Opportunity to collect, record, read, analyze
and write succinct annotations which
summarise the central arguments of the journal
articles, books, and other documents about a
chosen subject of inquiry in social work
practice. To complete this assessment,
students will be required to choose any topic
or subject of interest and conduct annotated
bibliography of 3 or more papers
(this information supersedes the instruction
provided in the Learning Guided, Pg 6).
Process of organising your thoughts:
1.Select a topic of interest in social work
2.Convert the topic into a question to guide
and focus the selection of the right papers
3.Search for 3 or more research papers,
journal articles, books, and reports that can
provide the information required ( Papers
should come from the following types of
research: systematic reviews, primary
research, and grey literature)
4.Write the annotation (succinct summary)
for each of the papers (about 200 words per
5. Conclusion ( about 200 words),
commentary on how the selected have
answered your question and the quality of
the evidence provided.
Structure of the paper:

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Assessment 1 (20%): © Annotated Bibliography
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