Five pillars of health informatics

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the population and public health informatics pillar of health informatics.

Create your PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that critically address each of the following elements. (Remember that your presentation slides should have short, bullet-pointed text with your speaker notes including the bulk of the information provided in the following list.)

  • Evaluate the role of informatics in population or public health.
  • Evaluate the role of evidence-based health care as it relates to population informatics.
  • Analyze and interpret Figure 29.5,

    Biosurveillance and infection outbreak response rely on multiple communication flows

    , from the text.
  • Analyze Dr. John Snow’s contribution to public health informatics models and the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) modernization initiative.
  • Examine the relationship and flow of information between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and your state and local health departments with regards to decision-making issues.