Ethics & Values in Health and Social Care


The global era is getting more competitive and dynamic. For the proper development of health and social care, learners should be acquired skilled knowledge about caring as well as the proper understanding of personal development. There are many departments in health and social care; they are delivers health care facilities in various different of organizations by seeing the idea of care that provides the rights of the patient. The care training provides the great support to the patient by providing their safety and make sure they are safe in all phases of the care organization and service. To cope up with the present business environment every persons should prove themselves as more personnel and professional.


1.1: Personal values and principles agree or conflict with the principles of support for working in health and social care.

Personal values develop from situations with the external world and can change over time. Personal values developed early in life may be resistant to change. Ex: culture,


, and political party. Values exist, whether one recognize him or not. Life can be much easier when one acknowledges ones values – and when one make plans and decisions that honor him. Personal values influence personal character through internally. Basically, a person’s values and principles depend on his or her personal character and so on.

In health and social care settings there are principles which run the practice of healthcare workers to confirm that quality care is delivered for service users. They are 5 principles in health and social care practices:

  • Confidentiality
  • Communications
  • Promoting antidiscrimination practice
  • Rights
  • Acknowledging individuals believe and identities.

1.2: The way of personal culture and experience influence my work as a care practitioner.

Personal Culture is defined as the patterns of ideas, customs and behaviors shared by particular persons. Personal Culture may contain all or a subset of the following features: –

  • Civilization, Language, Religion & spiritual beliefs, Masculinity socio-economic class.

To work in an area of health and social care especially as a practitioner greatly depends on personal beliefs and mind set up activities. Personal Culture and experience are influence by several ways, like:

  • Positivity:

    positivity greatly influenced a personal mental behavior. If he/she positively treat toward something that will gives him a fruitful result.

  • Helpful mentality:

    in every spare of life there must be needed a helpful mind. The actions and the work of practitioner haven’t any time it’s very crucial.

  • Smooth behavior:

    the behavior of practitioner should be firm and smooth.

  • Ethically strong:

    The factors that are compulsory to be ethical have the great impact on the profession of practitioner.

  • Quality of work:

    The practitioner should have able to qualifying for conducting the is expressed on the legal social welfare and the well-being of the society.

1.3: New development and changes to personal values can change work practices in health and social care setting.

The definite needs and wants of the immediate of health and social care sector greatly depends on the positive attitude of works. The availability of actual work makes more well-organized values of working in health and social sector. The workers works mentality drives the actions of health and social sector. The worker should complete their activities which depend upon what customers prepare and search. The service which given by the provider of health and social sector certify the ability of the emerging level of the precision. As we know the development of health and social sector is greatly improving day by day. The emergence of work gets aspiration by the changes values. The personal values significantly changing with in an eye stream by the growth of the health and social sector.

Task 2

2.1: SWOT analysis showing the key strengths, skills, ability and learning style relation to job role, weakness, opportunities and threats.

SWOT analysis is the act of a person’s internal and external criteria. Strengths and weakness is internal phenomenon and opportunities and threats are external phenomenon. My SWOT about the regarding assignment is given below:

  • My strengths:

    internal efforts which gives me more confident to dine this job:
  • Greater work support.
  • Building interpersonal communication network.
  • Positive strategies taken by me.
  • Maintain specific location and additional funding.

  • My weakness:
  • High costs are prime obstacle to continue my work.
  • The obsolete data.
  • The workforce diversity also created barriers.
  • Insufficient record preserves system.

  • My opportunities:

    My chances of work cause so many effects on externally. These are written below-
  • Services provided by others.
  • Faithfulness of well-wishers.
  • Greater sources of external data.

  • Threats to me :
  • Service provide by competitors.
  • The service provided by practitioner in several campaign
  • Nervousness in facing viva

2.2: Divide a plan over a period week of personal development goals

The action for the plan for a practitioner is a total of a mental work. A plan over period weeks of personal development goals are as follows:

  • Making an weakened plan or schedule:

    At the beginning of the weakened personal development goals the practitioner have to make a plan or schedule that will provides the overall blue print for the personal developmental goals.

  • Collection of relating information:

    For everything we want to collect some related information which must be logical and objective oriented.

  • Identify the weakness:

    To find out where the lacking’s of practitioner

  • Correct the weakness:

    After identifying the weakness practitioner have to correct the weakness and make a good use of it.

  • Controls of errors:

    Finally the practitioner controls the errors by using effective leadership.

2.3: Monitor and revise the plan in accordance with my role as a care practitioner.

A practitioner has to monitor overall plan to make his goal successes. He should through focus on the adapted plan, also follow the rules, regulation and ethics of the proposed plan. A practitioner has to be honest in his duty.

As a practitioner I have to do arrange the duty of my work. The rules should be monitored as well as monitored by me. As a practitioner the following proposed plan is monitor and revise by me:

  • I should have the great skills of presentation as a practitioner.
  • I encourage teams to work harmoniously
  • I prepare my daily activities as regular basis.
  • I maintain my responsibilities in time.
  • I am able to provide effective service properly.
  • Positive mentality is the key aspects of my work environment.

This personal behavior helps me to proper monitor and accomplishes my plan easily.

2.4: discussion of how my key skills, ability and learning style fits in with my role and evaluate the extent to which my weakness hinder my development and evaluate the role of my development plan in helping me achieve professional competency in accordance with your role as a care practitioner.

The academic knowledge and skills should be easily taken by me if I were a well care practitioner. I have to take proper decision to solve my problem efficiently. The success of all care practitioner is highly depends on the working capability and the efficiency. One should be dedicated himself on service accurately.

I should be authentic in case of responsibility my work. An appropriate job plan also should be taken by me. All types of barriers of work solved by me with very logically. Moreover, my positive attitude toward work helps me to gain my objectives. Therefore, I should keep in mind that I am working as a care practitioner who is the best sympathizer of the environments.

Task 3

3.1: explanation with specific examples what steps a nurse would take to ensure that he/she does not cross professional boundaries.

Professional boundaries are the spaces between the nurse’s power and the client’s vulnerability. In relationships with any level of well-being and closeness, boundaries are needed to separate individuals applicably.

Professional boundaries support key elements of the nurse practitioner-Patient relationship:

  • trust, compassion, mutual respect, and empathy

# Steps should be taken by



  • Education starts at the entry into practice level in nursing programs.
  • Continued in higher nursing education programs.

  • Policies of sexual delinquency and boundary defilements should be updated and made part of the staff’s annual education.

  • Should be informed about their own state’s nurse practice act
  • Be secret in case of sharing personal matter.
  • Speak relevant and logical topics
  • Should be emphasize on proper value of time

References: National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

3.2: Discussion of promoting and supporting the rights of the service user at work and evaluate the outcome.

In health and social care center the service user must consume the proper rights. Proper service makes a user more delight. There has a series of rights which should provide for a service user-

  • Privacy of the user:

    The privacy of the user should be ensured all time. The promoting and supporting the rights of the service user mainly depend on the proper privacy maintain of user.

  • Needs of the user:

    the service provider must be identified the actual needs of the user and finally he satisfy his needs by providing greater service.

  • Security of user:

    The user should be maintained his safety and security.

  • Personal satisfaction and independence:

    By providing superior service the provider raise the satisfaction level of the user and independence also increases through personal choice.

  • Value of choice

    : The choice of service user should be kept in mind if the service user.

3.3: The possible conflicts that may arise and critically discuss methods of conflict resolution where professional boundaries have been crossed

In an organization conflict is a common matter. It may be arise for a lot of reasons. Such as-

  • Conflict among the channel members
  • Conflict due to work roles
  • Conflict through one department to another department
  • Boss with subordinates
  • miscommunication with senior and junior employees

The upper miss adjustment can resolve by the following way-

  • Proper communication web should be established with channels member and subordinates.
  • Discussion in problematic area
  • Ensure the proper understanding with the employees
  • Maintaining good relationship eth other department
  • Cooperating

Task 4

4.1: My own personal contribution to minimizing barriers to effective network

I am able to produce, monitor and revise plans for personal improvement in developing the skills and abilities required of a health and social care practitioner. I have to take some special contribution to minimizing barriers to effective network. These are below-

  1. Study my Action Plans.
  2. Dedication to achieve.
  3. I just working there as a teammate.
  4. I Identify barriers from term in achieving the goal.
  5. Create our targets to ensure development in future.
  6. Make a favorable environment.

Finally I assigned as myself with the every working step including proper communication and management and control as well.

4.2: Explanation of the limit of care role and its impact on my exercise of power in times of emergencies.

Every human being has limitation on their working environment. I myself also faced lots of problem in care role that impact on my exercise of power in times of emergencies. The common limitations are writing down:

  • The limit of care role
  • Faced unfavorable work environment.
  • Poor work routine hampered my task.
  • Nature of the work.
  • Lack of positive attitudes from supervisor.
  • Defective equipment.

  • Impact on my power in emergencies:

    we know that power is the sign of satisfaction. But when some limitation occurs instantly with me my power being hampered. The negative impact of regarding my power decreases are below-
  • Suffered from mental pressure.
  • Decreases physical fitness.
  • Negative attitude toward workforce environment.
  • Boringness.
  • Negative practices of ethics.

4.3: My contribution to minimizing barriers to effective teamwork

Every worker should be positive minded to perform his or her assigned works. The mentality also should be positive to conduct communication with others. But in there are a lot of barriers that hampers to do effective team work. By using my patience and efficiency I apply myself fully to bring an effective team combination.

Always I try to provide my best effort in my job. By seeing this majority of my colleagues are motivated and they also devoted their all experience and knowledge to the work. My innovative ideas help all to work combined as a team.

Moreover, I give enough encourage to my teammates during the job period.

4.4: Ideas to improve personal contribution to team work

A positive idea can change everything as well as it can be a key for improving personal contribution to team work. My ideas are given below:

  • Exchanging information
  • Friendship
  • Effective cooperation
  • Discussion with teammates
  • Be honest and ethical mentality
  • Ensure of chain of command rules


The work competence and perfection of walks depends of stability of work and devotion. For actual health and social care service, there must be needed to manage, maintain, and establish that require completing total action in terms of health and social care service. The beauty of real life can be found in social and health care service. That makes an individual to develop strong personality and perfection.