Research Proposal Form Example: Health Research

Josefina B. dela Cuesta


  1. “What are the stress management techniques of Health Care Assistant of St John’s Hospital?”
  2. The Purpose of the study is to determine the stress management technique of health care assistant of St John’s Hospital and through this it will benefit them by identifying the different coping mechanism that will help them to overcome stress. Moreover, through this study it will help the organization to discover useful stress management technique that would fit to the health care providers that will help them to give the best quality of care to their patients.
  3. Stress is defined as “state of psychological and physical l imbalance causing from the inequality between situational demand and the person’s ability and motivation to meet those needs (Akrani, 2011). According to Akrani (2011) stress can be open as positive or negative, in a positive stress when the condition deals an opportunity to a person to attain something and act as a motivator for a vital performance. Furthermore for a negative stress if an individual experienced social mental and emotional problem (Akrani, 2011).

According to study being exposed to stress to work for a long a period of time, it may decrease the efficiency of an individual to work hard and give consequences on one’s health as well as the family as well. Moreover workplace stress can caused several factors which include decision making skills. Furthermore, Healthcare professionals are among the first six most stressful ones but not all have the same level of stress. For all professionals, the workload and adequate manning are the main cause of stress (Kionis,Giannou Drantaki, 2015)

Moreover, stress is very complicated phenomenon that can never be confident and decisive so on the other side, each individual should take into account to perceive the different stressful factors. Continually, work – related stress combine with psychological quest, ethical problems and patient’s demand can be a burden on the emotional state of an individual. Having stress-related work especially on health care workers could lead to poor quality of care which can decrease their professional satisfaction thus their quality of life as well. Unceasing interaction with families, patients can rise anger, embarrassment, fear, and desperation thus leading health professionals to a more frustrating condition. Stress sources act progressively on a person leading to physical, emotional and behavioral reactions, or even to psychosomatic disease (Kionis, 2015)

So, through this study the researcher will determine the different stress management technique of the health care assistants of St John Hospital to cope with their stress and identify their sources of stress.

Qualitative research is purposely to discover a proposed interest group’s scope of conduct and the acknowledgments that drive it with reference to particular points or issues. It uses an in-depth study of small group of persons to guide and support the development of theories. The outcomes of qualitative research are descriptive rather than predictive (Qualitative Research Consultants Association, 2016).

Moreover qualitative method includes in depth interviews with individuals, group discussions for example for two to ten contributor or respondents, and also through diary and journal exercises and in context observations. Furthermore, meetings may be conducted in person, through telephone interview, video conferencing and via internet (Qualitative Research Consultants Association, 2016)

Qualitative research is appropriate on this study because it will determine what are the stress management techniques utilized by the health care assistants of St. John Hospital and they overcome their stress and also to identify what are the different stressor that is causing them stress. On this study, the researcher will be focusing on the experiences instead of numerical interpretation of the study. Furthermore, qualitative research will expound the simple description that will be provided by the respondents of the study.

  1. The researcher will provide questionnaires to the respondents and to NZCDI
  2. The researcher will provide hard copy to the stakeholders and soft copy when needed.
  3. The research study will be conducted in St John’s Hospital
  4. The participants will take10- 15 minutes to answer the given questionnaire for them.
  5. The researcher itself will analyse the results of the research and will make the conclusion.
  6. The Data gathered by the researcher will be analyze statistically through their experiences give using descriptive
  7. The researcher, students and health care assistants of St John Hospital will be benefited on this research. Through this research the health care assistants will help them how to manage their stress well and identify what are stress management technique that is applicable for them.
  1. Intellectual Property
  • Not Applicable
  1. Personal Qualification
  • Josefina B. dela Cuesta
  • I Josefina dela Cuesta, finished by bachelor of nursing In the Philippines and had done one research paper, and before this research I was working as an emergency nurse in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and currently taking up Diploma Health Management level which allows me to conduct different research and studies in relation the health care field 7 in Cornell Institute of Business and Technology.
  1. Budget
  • Travel ( Gas Charge)- 20$
  • Gifts/Koha (tokens)- 30$
  • Photocopy- 10$

Ethics Proposal Form

  1. Participants
  • Health Care Assistants in St John’s Hospital
  1. Recruitment


b. The researcher will make the initial contact to the main participants which are the health care assistant in St John Hospital in particular

c. The Health Care Assistant f St John’s Hospital is the main participants on this study.



  1. Refer to Appendix-3
  2. The researcher will be responsible in obtaining the consent from the health care assistant at St John Hospital
  3. If participants cannot signed for consent for the given questionnaires he/she can use the thumb mark as a sign that he/she agreed to participate in the study.
  4. All the Health Care participants on this study are at the right age so need to provide a copy of parental and minor consent on this study
  5. In the research study there were no participants that are institutionalized or appointed guardian because all of the participants are at legal age and are at the good state of mind in making decision
  6. Before giving the questionnaires participants will be given an informed consent to complete before answering the questionnaires.
  1. Compensation
  • Not Applicable
  1. Materials
  • Questionnaires
  • i-vii(Not Applicable)
  1. Risk
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • The given questionnaires will remain confidential because their names will not be recorded because it will not contain any personal data on their identification like their names and address.
  1. Conflict/Resolution
  • If the participant wishes to withdraw during the implementation of the study he/she will not be forced and will not be included in the data that will be collected
  1. Controversial or Culturally Contentious Research
  • Not Applicable
  • Not Applicable

Participant’s Information Sheet


The Purpose of the study is to determine the stress management technique of health care assistant of St John’s Hospital and through this it will benefit them by identifying the different coping mechanism that will help them to overcome stress. Moreover, through this study it will help the organization to discover useful stress management technique that would fit to the health care providers that will help them to give the best quality of care to their patients.


The researcher chooses St John’s Hospital as the institution for the study and the health care assistant are the foremost participant on this study. The participants will be given set of questionnaires, approximately 25 questions that will be analyze by the researcher. In addition, the researcher will also give 15 (fifteen minutes) to answer the given questions and there is no health information included by the participants.


The benefits of this research is to identify the different stress management technique that would help the health care assistant of St John’s Hospital in order for them to cope up with stress, to have better quality care to their patients. In addition, having effective stress management technique it will develop the sense of independency of the health care assistants and to avoid any errors in the workplace.


The researcher will be responsible in providing the necessary needs of the study and the participants will not spend any amount or money in the study.


If you were injured in this study, which is unlikely, you would be eligible to apply for compensation from ACC just as you would be if you were injured in an accident at work or at home. This does not mean that your claim will automatically be accepted. You will have to lodge a claim with ACC, which may take some time to assess. If your claim is accepted, you will receive funding to assist in your recovery.


The participants on this study he/she can withdraw anytime with the research conducted since it is a voluntary act and not a force for them. The respondents have the right to access of the data collected by the researcher and if the respondent wishes to ho have a copy the researcher must give a copy of the study. Moreover, the researcher is the sole responsible of keeping the privacy and confidentiality of the research conducted.


This study is a requirement for the researcher’s studies and the study will be saved for future use. The results of the study will be presented through a power point presentation and the researcher will give a hard copy to St John’s Hospital. Through this research study it will help the health care assistant in dealing their work-related stress and identify the different stress management technique that will help them in managing their stress that will promote better quality of care.


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