Continuing Professional Development in Health and Social Care Practitioner

C3 (4.1) – Describe continuing professional development (CPD).

A CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development as it refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that practitioner tend to gain formal and informal as practitioner will be working alongside. CPD mean that professional are getting training within you job roles as recording and reflecting on learning and development, it help you to manage your skills and qualities ongoing it focus on learning form experience, reflective learning and review also it help you to set your own development and objectives, it is overview of the professional development to date and it help you with your career development. CPD give better opportunities and increased knowledge it is important to have CPD because it keep your training up to date, can prevent the risks of not knowing certain information, CPD it is essential in the healthcare because we are working with vulnerable children and adults. There are different types of CPD such as first aid training, safeguarding training, mental capacity training and prevents duty training (CPD).

Staying up-to-date with sector/ developments/ action setting

Staying up to date with the sector it is important because you will have the understand and knowledge what action  should be taken and also it is good professional if you are up to date with sector has it show that you are being professional and welling to learn, it show that you are responsible in your role. Staying up to date with sector you would know exactly what to do in certain situation it is important to ensure that you are aware of the service policies and procedures it will help you to gain experiences and identify opportunities for your career. It is important to stay up to date with sector mainly in healthcare you most stay up to date because you are working with vulnerable people, different organisation and other healthcare organisation it help you to be up to date with you knowledge and experiences it reflect on the outcomes of learning and to keep a record for example stay up to date would prevents you from risks.

Development is when you get train and learn new skills it allow you to maintain to develop your own learning and growth throughout about your career. It help you to understand the role of the healthcare service for example nurse  must be trained and qualified to be fully qualified for the nursing role also they need to have training in health and social care or have degree in healthcare (Health Careers 2019). Having development in healthcare because wee most be train before we can provide care and support for the vulnerable people not only you have experiencing in that role but also gaining knowledge about how you prevent upcoming risk so it do not harm the environment and the people that are around us. Development is when you understand the concept of the healthcare needs and it allow you to have communication skills, self-awareness.

Action setting is a goals to help to ensure that they are very important to you and the service for example the Equality Act 2010 say that everyone should be treated equally and should have the right facilities for the disable people has the goal is to treat everyone right by providing lifts and ramps in the building. It is way to achieve something that you want and to identifies what action are needed to get there and how to achieve the action plan, for example What, How, Where, When, Why also it can say that with whom are going to achieve this plan it is important to plan the action setting because it will prevent the risk of accidents and harms (Seek Learning 2019).

C4 (4.2) – Outline sources of support for learning and development. A minimum of four sources of support for learning and development must be outlined.

Formal/informal support

Formal support is when healthcare practitioner is practicing their nursing at hospital which is professional and you must maintain obey the rules, and on the other hand informal support is when you have CPD training it can be physical, social. Informal and formal support can be long term and short it depends what professional it is, the CPD training can be informal because when you are commencing with them, having a social interaction, having an eye contact, a formal support is when the practitioner identifying the problem and providing them with the support such as helping their family and friends with the problems that they are having.

Independent study

Independent study is when individual have their choice to study on your own without people being around them and individual will know what to do. Most pupils tend to find independent study very help because they know their weak points also  no one can disturb them for example people with anxiety tend to be alone or not being around other people it is important that college and school provide them with right support that they need in their education. Each person has a different level of understanding and processing information it is massively important to notice individual with their learning and providing the support they need it is a choice when individual choose to study independently rather being in group for example their confidence and motivation will increase and having time freely without anyone pressuring them to finish something quicker  it is important to give each  person the time they need to improve their learning in order to achieve their goals.

Work experience

It is important to have work experience in order to understand when start to work in your career also work experiences give person a confidence and it motivate them to work. It has many different types benefits and it will help individual with their communication not only support individual with their work but also it show their weaker point for example they may choose somewhere to work and they did not like due to staff. It give individual  the opportunity to explore  the working environment  also it give them opportunity  that they can be successful in their job, it help them to be prepare for work and develop basic knowledge about the healthcare environment  or how each person should treated. It is about gaining experience that will help to be organise in their workplace it show that individual have motivation and commitment in their role or professional, when individual have work experiences individual will know that what are their skills and qualities for example healthcare practitioner needs to show empathy and have communication in order to understand the problems (All About Career 2019).


Feedback support individual with their learning and it will help to know what things are there that they struggle with the most so they can improve in the future this is mainly one or one comment also it is private. It is valuable information that many practitioner would use in to make an important decisions having a feedback in the workplace will improve their working relationship it show that individual are very organise and commitment to the work you have put on if you have feedback it will show your growth for example teacher is giving proper feedback rather than putting everything in the details (t-three 2019). It help people to learn from their mistake and build their confidence sometime give negative feedback can put down the person confidence and might feel that they are being judged you need to make sure that you don’t write something that will hurt them and low their self-esteem.

B2 (4.3) – Explain why continuing professional development is integral to the role of a health and social care practitioner.

Up-to-date knowledge and practice

Staying up to date knowledge and having practices it will be easy for the practitioner to be up to date most healthcare service mostly changes their polices and produces and if the staff are not up to date with the new rules they can’t be able to inform clients. It is important that staff provide best and high quality care and to meet their needs, it is about the changes must be made to improve the practices for example teacher must have training each year to maintain their professionalism, having an important knowledge and understanding of how to provide a learning opportunities for vulnerable people to achieve their health also the healthcare practitioner should work in the team identifying opportunities for working with colleagues sharing the development of effective practice with them it show that practitioners are willing to share their ideas with them also it show that you are interesting by showing attention. For example healthcare professional must be up-to-date in order to have an understanding about the healthcare sector it is important for the practitioner to have knowledge about health and social care as the practitioner will be providing health support for the vulnerable individual.

Continuous improvement

This is when individual are showing improvement in their work environment by making their work outstanding so it stand out in the front of people. Continuous improvement is when CPD training allow individual to have more knowledge it give person opportunities to wider their professional skills if individual take break having continuous improvement will allow the person to improve their own skills and qualities it allow that if you make any changes it won’t effect on your role. Continuous improvement mean that the manager wants the service must provide the best care for the patients and they want the service to be outstanding it is about providing quality and safety for the patients as they are vulnerable, it is about empowering the staff to deliver safe and high quality care and it must be reliable this is also for the patients and the service, because if the service do not provide the high quality care not only it is affecting on the person health but also on their service has they are not provide vulnerable people with a good care which they need (Kia Partners 2019)

Regulatory requirements

This is major roles that play in the healthcare industry because it protect the public from health risk has it ensure that they provide a safe health care to every individual who needs support and help. It is about reporting incident and risk so it do not harm the people around the environment  this is an check-up in case if you an illness most people don’t tend to have check because they think they are healthy such as regulatory when we go to doctor for a check-up it is the law rule that must be follow if you are in the health care professional such as code of conduct, polices and procedure, compliance, guideline, rules  they all comes in the regulatory requirement for example a nurse must be train and have qualifications in the nursing industry and most obey all the rules. The regulatory requirement is to protect the environment, keeping public confidence in the career and holding the professional standards having to protect the everymen from the harm it is important because it show that you care for the people and by keeping clean and helping the vulnerable to have their check-up and providing them with their support, medication and care.( Professional standards authority 2019)

Reflective practitioner

A reflective practitioner is when a healthcare practitioner know their strengths and weakness it is about improving their experiences and to improve their working environment it allow the practitioner to build their confidence and becoming more proactive professional. It allow the healthcare professional are continuing with their daily learning and it will allow them to improve their practices to fully qualified as practitioner this will be a skills and quality that the healthcare practitioner will develop when they are taking training. It is an opportunity for the healthcare practitioner to develop their self- awareness, it will help the practitioner with their personal growth and professional growth, in healthcare it is important for the practitioner to have reflective because it them a feedback it them to understand their skills. (PMC 2019)

Application of learning.

An application of learning when individual  collect a lots of information for the date to improve the application of learning such the patient’s records, medical report and other stuff that is related to their health it the service to make their decisions. This when a service allow you to provide them with individual personal details in order for them to register you in their service for example NHS would tell you to provide them with all of personal detail such you medical reports if individual had any illness that they must be aware of, in the healthcare it is important to each person right details this will prevent individual when the patients is at risk and someone needs to contacted for them to know about the patients situation

A*1 (5.1) – Describe the role of reflection within continuing professional development. Examples may be used to support the description.


Self-awareness it is massively important because it practitioner to have training in CPD individual must know what skills and qualities. It individual allow to be  aware of their weakness and strength it help the practitioner to develop their confidences and having to aware of self-awareness it is important for the individual  treat themselves with care and should maintain their health and wellbeing. Self-awareness is about understanding and having be able to work on self-awareness and to be happy also people may have judgemental mind which it is important that it doesn’t not affect on the mental health. Positive self-awareness is about having a positive thinking and having a better knowledge about your development also it can increase your ability to achieve the goal having self-awareness will help you to maintain your social development. (Better Health Solution 2019)

Positive Outcomes

Positive outcomes are when practitioner success in something within CPD it is important to have an positive outcome to make sure that it will be benefit for the patients as well as the practitioner. It is about making sure that every stages of treatment or support they are providing must be effective and appropriate to their needs for example having to provide staff with training to increase their knowledge and to maintain their professionalism in order to provide care for the patients. To have a positive outcomes individual must promote by having to take good care of the patients and staff having CPD training will allow the staff to give feedback whether they would recommend this training to other staff or in the future.

Planning for development

Planning for development will help practitioner to maintain their training in the CPD, because it give the opportunity to plan their active before and it will allow to be organised in the workplace not only it keep the practitioner to be organised but it is help practitioner to maintain their healthcare professional role having to plan for development will increase the knowledge about that individual may not know also this will be benefit yourself and the service. Creating plan it is important in the healthcare service because practitioner need to plan their work before they can treat patients with medical care, also it is about ensuring that the planning for the development has been develop with care and it is not harmful for the patients also the people that are in the CPD training. (TJ 2019)

Ongoing review

Ongoing review within CPD is when practitioner will get  a feedback from other professional it give the idea if professional are doing something right or wrong it is important get ongoing review to maintain individual development. It is where goals and target can be easily observed and closely it and will build confidence by making sure that the target are met on time it also involve different CPD professional to achieve something that they want, this will keeping each practitioner motivated and engaged within CPD it is about the perform level and ongoing review should be positive rather than negative.

Reflective practitioner

Reflective practitioner is about improving and developing practitioner within the healthcare it is also about making how this could reflect on the individual role it is about increasing the knowledge and experiencing. It give the practitioner to develop new idea and it making sure that you understand the concept of the reflective practitioner. Reflective practitioner it is about improving your own practices and experience to increase the knowledge you are currently developing, this is skills and qualities that practitioner tend to learn while they are practicing for the role it will help them to understand to identifying your knowledge and strength and it is allow you to get feedback and reflective practitioner will guide practitioner make their choices for their learning development.

Develop knowledge and skills

To have the right skills and knowledge will allow the practitioner to understand improve their work and it will allow them to provide high quality care and support for the patients. It give the opportunities to gain for experience and will have more knowledge about somethings. This is important to have and successful role in health and social care for example a healthcare practitioner must know about Person Protective equipment because it can increase the personal knowledge and skills also you will be motived different sector has different knowledge and skills it is important that healthcare practitioner can develop those as soon as possible each can may develop new skills and knowledge they may interact with new people such young people or in an organisation that they are working to more knowledge  and skills practitioner must know role about their roles.

Responsibility for own Learning/professional growth

This is our own reasonability for our learning and professional this is benefited in the healthcare professional it is about recognising your own responsibility within CPD you have the reasonability for your own learning such as planning for development, self-awareness and action you tend to learn the reasonability through your qualification and your achievement or training. CPD is about to practices more and get the skills you want has the professional growths is about gaining experience.

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